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English breakfast en Nerja

El pasado jueves 29 de abril alumnos de 3° de ESO disfrutaron de un tradicional English Breakfast en el bar Olas de la playa de Burriana, en Nerja. Después de tan copioso desayuno (que algunos no terminaron), participaron en una gymkhana que consistía en superar pequeñas pruebas para las que era necesario el uso de la lengua inglesa, tanto hablada como escrita, incluyendo una pequeña entrevista a personas angloparlantes. Hubo quien tuvo tiempo para mojarse los pies, hacer alguna compra y comerse un helado. No faltaron las habituales fotos de rigor junto al barco de Chanquete y en el Balcón de Europa.

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St. Patrick’s Day

Today 17th March, we are celebrating St. Paddy’s Day!
We learnt about the wearing of the green…and so we did…Most of us came today with a piece of clothes in the colour of Hope!
Have a great Day and let’ s celebrate Irish culture, singing and dancing…

Los alumnos de 3ºA elaborando un póster sobre los símbolos y costumbres de Irlanda el día de San Patricio, patrón de Irlanda.

The students of 3rd A making a poster about Irish symbols and customs, on Saint Patrick’s Day, the patron Saint of Ireland.

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British Culture Class

English Department and Burlington Books.

British Culture Class.  February, 7th.

So last Tuesday, 7th of February, we had our first British culture class with Suzy, who reminded (or taught) us of some of the most curious things in the culture of those people whose language we are struggling to grasp. From now on, our students will remember (let’s hope) what Big Ben is (not the clock) or the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, but only three make up the Union Jack. And we shall have the image of Suzy and Lucía riding their horses for a battle that would make a third of the world drive on the wrong side of the road (or was it the right one?). Do you still remember what Scots wear under their kilts? Maybe we’ll never know. Anyway, we must be thankful to Suzy and Burlington Books for a funny lesson for our Bachillerato students. We just wish we could have a new one next year. Here’s a couple of pictures of the activity.

british Culture class