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Spooky Breakfast Competition

In this year’s contest the prices went to:

1º A: Noelia Rodríguez
María Alaminos
1º B: Ainhoa Mejuto
María Huertas
1º C: Desirée Martín
1º D: Sofía García
Virginia Hinojosa

2º B: Irene Rodríguez
Julia Gálvez

3º B: Ainhoa Esteve
3º C: María López
Aroa Romera
Laura Antúnez
Claudia Rodríguez
Pedro Pineda
3º D: Inés Moreno
Nuria Moreno
They all had discounts in our book fair. Thank you so much for your contributions. See you in next year’s contest.


Halloween Pumpkin Contest

Hello again!
This year the making of wonderful pumpkins at our IES attracted a few creative students… Here you are the amazing work and final designs!!!🎃🎃
The participants were from 2º ESO B y D, under the supervision of Anabel Hormigo, their Art teacher. The participants’ names are:
Elisabeth Cortés, Estela Fernández, Alba López, Irene Rodríguez, Celeste Prieto, Lucía Lozano, Rubén Escañuela, Ariana López y Alexandra Scridon. The best pumpkin belongs to Estela Fernández, in the first pic.
Thank you so much for participating! Can’t wait for next year’s designs… You are so wonderful👍🎃

P.S. Sorry for the inconvinience but we forgot to mention Rubén Illescas (2º D) who also took part in the contest. Our most sincere apologies. Good job!

IMG_8830.jpg IMG_8831.jpg IMG_8832.jpg IMG_8833.jpg IMG_8829.jpg IMG_8828.jpg