Halloween Pumpkin Contest

Hello again!
This year the making of wonderful pumpkins at our IES attracted a few creative students… Here you are the amazing work and final designs!!!🎃🎃
The participants were from 2º ESO B y D, under the supervision of Anabel Hormigo, their Art teacher. The participants’ names are:
Elisabeth Cortés, Estela Fernández, Alba López, Irene Rodríguez, Celeste Prieto, Lucía Lozano, Rubén Escañuela, Ariana López y Alexandra Scridon. The best pumpkin belongs to Estela Fernández, in the first pic.
Thank you so much for participating! Can’t wait for next year’s designs… You are so wonderful👍🎃

P.S. Sorry for the inconvinience but we forgot to mention Rubén Illescas (2º D) who also took part in the contest. Our most sincere apologies. Good job!

IMG_8830.jpg IMG_8831.jpg IMG_8832.jpg IMG_8833.jpg IMG_8829.jpg IMG_8828.jpg