II Greek Olympic Games at Julio Rodríguez School

II Olympic Games have been held at our Ies last 22nd May. Pupils from 1º ESO level have participated in all the categories that their  PE teacher has been training and preparing for some weeks with them.
The experience has been really successful, and we have had a great time, spectators and participants…once again this year.
We wish to thank all the teachers and other students who have contributed with the event. Bachillerato students read the Vow to Zeus in Greek,English and Spanish, with the supervision of their Greek teacher, Puri Montejo.
2º ESO students, directed by Carmen Castro, their Music teacher, played their flutes at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
Motril TV was also there, and interviewed some of the winners.
Every class received their diplomas. It was a very amazing time for every one of us!!

Coordinación de Bilingūismo

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El miércoles 11 de marzo a las 18:00 tendrá lugar nuestra jornada de puertas abiertas. Habrá charlas informativas a familias sobre la ESO y el IES Julio Rodríguez. Ven a conocernos. Te esperamos.

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