January 30th: International Day of Peace


We did it this time. Montse took a very active part on it, and Salva too. They prepared the music and the posters to give peace a chance. They also worked with some students and produced the wall exhibition on Nobel Peace Prizes (Rigoberta Menchú (1992), Martin Luther King Jr. (1964), Mother Teresa (1979), Nelson Mandela (1993) Kofi Annan (2001), European Union (2012), to name but a few. We also listened to some of the most famous peace songs and lyrics in some of our classes and read the beautiful worldwide known lyrics.


And so we could imagine for a while that a world without wars is possible. During the break, the best voices heard in the school playground were those of John Lennon, Annie Lennox, The Beatles, Michael Jackson or Bob Dylan.


Peace might be blowing in the wind,and our duty is to work for it.


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